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Model: ABR-DR-620


Color : 
Print Capacity : 25.000 Page
Printer Model Used: HL-5370/5380/5340/5350  DCP-8070/8085  MFC-8880/8370/DR620


1.Keep the toner cartridge flat.Never upright.
2.Keep in the shade.Keep out of the the direct sun.
3.Keep in the stable temperature place.better 35 C.
4.Pls install and use immediately after unseal.
5.Do not open or take apart the toner hopper.Avoid toner splasth into your eyes or soil your clothes.
6.Do not open the OPC safety cover and never touch the OPC Drum.
7.Keep out of the reach of children.
8.For effective use of  resourtes,do call your supplier to collect the esed empty cartridge.


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